No longer will income, class or race be a barrier to equitable environmental or social justice.

Diversifying Energy is a community-focused nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to facilitate equitable access to clean, sustainable energy and improve air quality to vulnerable populations, including low-income communities and people of color.

Through our long-term work with utilities, we realize the significance of how frequently low income communities and people of color within low-income populations are not afforded equal access to programs that provide sustainable energy efficiency and improved air quality benefits. We have a track record of connecting marginalized communities with access to improved energy efficiency benefits and solutions for improved indoor air quality.

The Need to Diversify is Increasing

The disproportionate cases of COVID-19 in communities of color and low-income households throughout the country have brought to the forefront the issue of environmental racism and health disparities.

The Atlantic’s COVID Racial Data Tracker has found that Black people are dying at a rate of 1.5 times higher than their share of the population. Meanwhile, data from the Los Angeles County Office of Public Health shows that people living in high poverty areas are four times more likely to die from the Corona virus than residents in areas of low poverty. In addition, while there are energy efficiency programs that target disenfranchised communities, how poor air quality factors into the equation has been largely ignored.

We Are More Than Your Average Nonprofit

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We lead the way in innovative solutions that influence sustainable impacts in society.


We aim to bring meaningful, long-lasting clean energy and improved air quality to marginalized communities.


We are passionate about environmental and social justice.

We Are Diversifying Energy